Tabbasum Bukhari



Tabbasum Bukhari is a distinguished finance professional with a rich background in UK bookkeeping, VAT preparation, client communication, and various registrations with HMRC. With six years of dedicated experience in these critical financial domains, she has become a recognized expert in providing comprehensive financial solutions and exceptional client service.

Career Journey

Tabbasum Bukhari’s finance journey began with a Master of Business Administration (MBA) in Finance from Gujarat Technological University. She furthered her education with a Master of Commerce degree from Saurashtra University, enhancing her understanding of commerce, economics, and accounting principles. Notably, she earned the Inter Chartered Accountant (CA) certification from the Institute of Chartered Accountants of India (ICAI), showcasing her technical expertise and commitment to staying updated on financial regulations.

Her career path led her to KPO firms specializing in UK accounting services, where she spent three years refining her skills in UK bookkeeping, VAT preparation, and client communication. Building on this experience, Tabbasum transitioned to a direct role within a UK-based company, where she has been an essential part of the financial team for 3.5 years, contributing to financial record management, transactions, and compliance processes. Her expertise extends to team management and proficiency in various bookkeeping and accounting software platforms, making her a versatile finance professional.


Beyond her professional accomplishments, Tabbasum Bukhari is driven by a profound passion for the accounting profession and a relentless desire to learn new things. Her dedication to the field goes beyond the demands of her career, as she continually seeks out opportunities to expand her knowledge and refine her skills. Tabbasum’s curiosity and enthusiasm for learning have not only propelled her career growth but have also empowered her to adapt to the dynamic landscape of finance and accounting.

In her personal life, Tabbasum Bukhari finds inspiration in [hobbies/interests], which speaks to her well-rounded nature and ability to find balance between her professional and personal pursuits.