Value Added Tax (VAT) is a type of tax levied on the value added at each stage of production and distribution of goods and services. As business owners, it is important to understand the VAT system and its obligations in relation to VAT returns. In this section, we provide an overview of VAT returns and their importance for businesses.

What is a VAT return?
A VAT return is a form in which businesses registered for VAT must complete and submit to the tax authorities. It summarises the amount of VAT charged on sales and the amount of VAT paid on purchases during a specified period, usually every three months. The purpose of the VAT return is to report the amount of VAT owed to or due to the tax authorities.

Why are the VAT returns important?
VAT returns are important for several reasons.

Compliance: Businesses registered for VAT are legally required to submit VAT returns. Failure to comply can result in penalties and interest charges.

Cash flow management: VAT returns help businesses manage their cash flows by providing a clear picture of their VAT liability. By understanding the amount of VAT owed or due, businesses can plan their cash flows and budgets accordingly.

VAT reclaims: VAT returns also enable businesses to reclaim the VAT paid on purchases. This can result in a reduction in the cost of the goods or services sold, which can improve profitability.

How can VAT return be completed?
Completing a VAT return can be a complex process, especially for businesses that have complex VAT arrangements or that deal with international trade. The basic process involves the following steps:

Collecting information:

Businesses need to collect information on sales and purchases during the VAT period. This includes the amount of VAT charged for sales and the amount of VAT paid for purchases.

Calculate VAT liability:
The amount of VAT owed or due is calculated by subtracting the amount paid on purchases from the amount charged on sales.

Submit VAT return:

Once the VAT liability has been calculated, businesses must complete and submit their VAT returns to tax authorities. This can be performed online or posted.

In summary, VAT returns are an important part of the VAT system and compliance with VAT regulations is essential for businesses. VAT returns can help businesses manage their cash flow, reclaim the VAT paid on purchases, and avoid penalties and interest charges. If assistance with VAT returns or other VAT matters is needed, we are happy to help at wimaccountants.


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