HMRC (Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs) is currently conducting a trial of a specialized task force aimed at processing post items that are over 12 months old. The primary objective of this team is to significantly reduce the backlog of very old outstanding cases in the coming months. This initiative comes in response to prolonged criticism from professional bodies regarding HMRC’s unsatisfactory service performance, characterized by extended helpline waiting times and delays in handling written correspondence.

As part of the trial, the newly formed AAM (Agent Account Manager) team will continue its core purpose, which is to assist agents in resolving various issues. However, in addition to their existing responsibilities, the team will now take charge of resolving post items that have been pending for over 12 months, where HMRC has not provided a response. This move is expected to streamline the resolution process and enhance the efficiency of handling agent-related matters.

Agents are encouraged to utilize the agents’ issue platform to report and address any pertinent concerns or queries they may have during this trial period. The HMRC is keen on improving its service quality and hopes that this initiative will address the challenges faced by agents and taxpayers alike.