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UK Business Structures and Tax Implications

When starting, a new business must select a business structure, which will have both legal and tax implications, and the choice of business structure is a monumental step for a new company. It can affect ongoing costs, liability and how your business team can be configured. This topic becomes particularly timely during tax season, as […]

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Company Buy-Back Shares

Key points • The procedure for a company to purchase its own shares is strict and complex, and legal advice should always be obtained. • Buy-backs are useful to return cash to shareholders or to restructure the balance sheet of a company. • Companies Act 2006, s 694 permits private limited companies to buy back […]

EMI Share Options Scheme

What is an EMI Scheme? EMI Share Options Scheme is an initiative HMRC implemented to allow UK businesses to give share options to their employees with significant tax benefits. The scheme is intended to help smaller independent businesses realise their potential by attracting and retaining the best employees for long-term success. The key difference between […]

Insight to R&D eligible cost

Insight to R&D eligible cost What costs qualify for R&D tax credits? You can claim Research and Development (R&D) tax credits on revenue expenditure, i.e., day-to-day operational costs. But usually, capital expenditure (money spent on fixed assets such as land and buildings) is not eligible for R&D Expenditure within the claim. Eligible R&D Expenditure Revenue […]

What do you know about Corporate Intangibles Tax Treatment

What do you know about Corporate Intangibles Tax Treatment   Corporate intangibles tax treatment The corporate tax treatment essentially follows the treatment of intangibles in the accounts. There are, however, restrictions on the deductibility of debts about goodwill and other customer-related intangible assets depending on the date of acquisition or creation. The corporate intangibles regime has gone through several iterations since its introduction in […]

New VAT Penalties regime

New VAT Penalties regime   Penalties for late payment and interest harmonisation For VAT taxpayers from periods starting on or after 1 January 2023. For taxpayers in Income Tax Self-Assessment (ITSA), from the tax year beginning 6 April 2024 for taxpayers with business or property income over £10,000 per year (that is, taxpayers must submit […]

Tax implications from loans to participators made by close companies

  Tax implications from loans to participators made by close companies   The Autumn Budget 2021 confirmed that the increased dividend upper rate will apply on tax charged under Corporation Tax Act 2010, s.455, which details new anti-avoidance measures in addition to those already in place for loans to participators in close companies. Let’s take […]

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